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Shared day trip to Atlas Mountains with camel ride

1 Day

Why Atlas Mountain Marrakech day trip as a travel choice ?

When you look up the word Atlas you come to notice  that it is the noun attributed to the most virile of the men’s kind thus you feel the irresistible near orgasmic beauty of The Moroccan high Atlas Mountains beauty that justifies the hidden slimily between the nouns and the Moroccan Mountains .

This trip to the Atlas Mountains from Marrakech is the absolute gospel of the sky revelations that shall rush into you once you meet the sacred voices up there .


Restinga Travel agency gives you a practical way to fly and to be able to touch the sky with every walk to the Atlas Mountains with the one-day trip and excursion with a camel ride from Marrakech .

In this one-day trip to the high mountains of the Atlas necklace, you shall see how these mountains have successfully carried the sky on their shoulders as the myth claimed. Knock on the highest gate of Africa as you sign up for our one-day trip to the Atlas Mountains with a camel ride.

Run to nature from your human instincts affected by civility as you give yourself the time laps of being in the empyrean nucleus of the Moroccan national park of Jbel Toubkal. Examine the pure essence of the ecosystem boiling  live in life to  contrast with all you saw before and all you will see after as you will already feel in paradisiac reflection of the afterlife .

From Marrakesh to Atlas Mountains Shared day trip offers you the following activities :

  • Steer you drive ring forward to Agafay Desert to appreciate the dusty hills
  • See the upper white dress of the High Atlas Mountains from the window of your camel ride
  • Celebrate the Moroccan meant tea to warm yourself up at a 10/10 typical Berber guesthouse in the plain of Kik
  • Slowly trek and let your feet decipherer the hidden tells in the rocky wobbly scenery to the Amazigh Village of Armed and the water shootings
  • Let tagines love your starving guts and let them travel as well to a new level of delicious Moroccan food


Our company is engaged to drive you from your Sack and snack place to discover a new story of Marrakesh as you book this day travel trip and excursion to Atlas Mountains.

Whistle to the full emptiness of the celestial heavens flirting angelically with the Atlas Mountains for a one-day travel trip from Marrakech. Flattered you will be as Marrakesh lets you out to the national park of Toubkal as an address to address in your one-day trip.

You will also visit a typical Berber Family to share life style with as you mingle in the weekly traditional markets or souks named after each day of the week before you go by the village of Imlil and get closer the Atlas Mountains as a final destination .

A group tour guide shall be joining you for approximately two hours of foot trekking to arrive at the Armed Village for your yum hum pause at noon in the rooftop terrace of the Kasbah in this village. Go to the top of the village of imlil and pray close to the sky before you drive back to Marrakesh through the vast pass through El Haouz .



  • Ac Deluxe minivan or 4×4.
  • Lunch
  • Local trekking guide


  • Beverages
  • Personal expenses

Shared day trip to Atlas mountains FAQs

What we do in Agafay Desert ?

You can enjoy the sunset, can do Camel riding, see the Berber villages and experience their lifestyle first hand.

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