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Shared day trip to Ourika Valley

1 Day

Being in Marrakesh means experiencing light brownie colors and texture all over the place in infinity Being in Marrakesh is also synonym to clay capturing your eyes, your nose added to your toes that is the main reason behind nicknaming Marrakesh “The Ochre, red city”…

The question is have you seen Marrakesh in green spectacles? The question is does Marrakesh change colors?

Ourika Valley is the answer for both the above interrogations Ourika is indeed the green side of Marrakesh

Don’t you believe? Well the  Shared One-day trip to Ourika Valley  is the irrefutable proof that Marrakesh can go Green


Hop in the Shared One-day trip excursion to Ourika and see for yourself how brown lights up in green with the miracle of Ourika valley in a shared day trip and excursion from Marrakesh to Ourika to glimpse the satisfying  alternation in the shades of the Darling Ourika valley .

From Marrakesh to Ourika valley Shared day trip offers you the following activities :

  • Ride in with globe-strollers like you in this One-day trip to Ourika Valley for a one day long and tight clasp of the valley of Ourika.
  • Assist to the majestically Mountains of the high Atlas in the background picture
  • Bite in the deliciously simple rurality of the villages along the way to Ourika and discover the affordable yet precious lux of the villages
  • Reach the peak of the shower Cascade of Stti Fatma to enjoy the view from up there
  • Reward your insides with a freshly made Ouriki Tajine in celebration of this travel event


This shared one-day excursion to Ourika is for friends of nature-by-nature longing for foot walks in the beams of greenish lights of the sun and the grassy woodland for liquefying any presence of sorrow or mal-ease .

Your one-day long excursion and travel plan to Ourika from Marrakesh is in effect as soon as the clock wall of your sleep in address mirrors 09h00 in the morning.

Your driver behind the steering wheel will drive you through al Haouz greens in flat to your permiere pause of the day

precisely at one of the led by women collective enterprise of Argan derived products classified as an in Morocco only piece of nature. From there, Tnin Ourika or the Monday souk of Ourika as a literal translation will be the next stop for you to behold how villagers trade in cohesion with their green crown .

The shared one day trip from Marrakesh to Ourika is still at its first for Ourika water stream will map the road for you to the Douar of Setti Fatma or the as known heat shelter from Marrakesh’s summer inferno , if you trust your feet enough for a tense trek to the upper point of Sitti Fatma local tour escorts will gladly road the way for you back and forth .

On the other hand if you are a sit and see type of tourist than your lovely shared one-day travel plan is a way to eyeline your lookies in green for the remaining hours of your travel day.

In a spot like Ourika there is food for the eye and ear and food for belly just near, enjoy then to tuck into the wealth of Moroccan Berber Tajines unique to Ourika .

You shall shout present at the drop off trajet from Ourika to Marrakesh where the ending stop of your Shared one day trip is to be Jamaa El Fana by 5 pm.



  • Pick-up & Drop off to your hotel or riad in Marrakech
  • Transportation by air-conditioned minibus
  • English/French-speaking driver/guide


  • Lunch & Beverages
  • Local guide
  • Personal expenses

Shared day trip to Ourika valley FAQs

How far is Ourika valley from Marrakech?

45 minutes (1.5 hour including stops )
Ourika Valley, at the foot hills of the High Atlas Mountains is only a 45 minutes south east of Marrakech. The valley offers a great escape from the heat of Marrakech for the locals during summer months.

Are there any restaurants & cafes in Ourika valley ?

There are plenty of restaurants in Ourika Valley pier to choose from to take a lunch or a snack. You can choose from classic restaurants located inside guesthouses located in Berber villages.

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